Newton Repair Service/Data Salvage

No matter how careful we are with this miracle of modern (1997) technology from time to time accidents happen. A chipped plastic housing, missing screen door clip, or a broken interconnect port cover. Newton MessagePad parts are difficult to near impossible to obtaine from Apple Computer and most of the time operaters for Apple will not even know what a Newton is when you phone them.

If for any reason you are having problems with some aspect of your Newton 2000 or 2100 please contact us for a quote

  • Repairs are guaranteed
  • Same Day Turnaround time for any Newton repair
  • Continuous e-mail correspondence before, during and after we ship your unit back
  • Everything done to your Newton is explained every step of the way
  • No repairs are ever done without your approval
  • Data Salvage

    If you have damaged your touchscreen and have no ability to salvage your data from the system we will do a full download of all the information from the Newton and store it on a flash memory card which will be shipped back with the Newton or we can replace your touchscreen!

    Have your Newton Diagnosed, cleaned and backed up for $49

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