Speed Boost Implant

Accellerate your Apple Newton 2000 & 2100 from 160 Mhz to 220 Mhz

New: eMate Speed Boost 20Mhz to 30Mhz!

Apple Computer originally shipped all the 2000 and 2100 messagepad units with a strong-arm prcoessor speed of 160 Mhz. At the time this speed was much more than anything of similar design in the marketplace, however with the current generation of the Pocket PC, and Palm based devices one may wonder if there is anything that can be done to increase the responsiveness on the Newton platform.
Benchmark results of the Speed Boost
On and Off

Apple Decided that the eMate would ship with a processor that was an order of magnitude slower than its predecessor. Although the eMate functions with this 20mhz processor all NewtonOS 2.1 applications run slowly and even scrolling through a note does not happen in real time. A noticable delay results in every application, booting or starting from sleep modeIn several ways the eMate is a more useful product but the speed of the unit definitely limits its productivity.

This enhancement will accellerate the unit 50% from its original stock processor speed and is still configurable to be turned off at the flip of a switch when serial communications are necessary.

This is the must have upgrade if you own an eMate unit

Click to see benchmark results of the Speed Boost On and Off After the installation of this implant:

  • Applications load much faster
  • Accessing the Internet with your Newton is much more enjoyable
  • Backups over LAN are noticably faster
  • Handwriting recognition is faster and more accurate
  • Increases overall performance from between 40% - 60%
  • IrDA communication between two accellerated newtons is blazingly fast
  • The upgrade can be turned on or off with the flip of a switch
  • SALE: Installation from $179 +Return Shipping!

    eMate Speed Boost Installation from $199 +Return Shipping!

    *Serial communication and IrDA communications with non-upgraded Newtons will require turning off the speed implant by flipping the switch

    Website prices do not include shipping fees. Shipping costs will be sent once location and order information is received and vary based on weight of order and ship-to location.

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