Limited Edition Apple Newton Poster (1993)

This Apple Newton Historial Poster is a Limited numbered edition of 1000 units. Each poster is 24" (609.6mm) by 36" (914.4mm) in size. The poster is in full CMYK color and the printed side is coated with an aqueous coating and glossy finish. The aqueous coatings provide excellent rub and scruff resistance. With the coating the poster is more rsistant to smudges, fingerprints, and scratches during its entire life.

Each poster is individually numberd.

Only 1000 posters are available and no more will be available once these are sold out.

This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of Newtonmemorabilia. This poster details the major functions of the platform and explains why a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is a useful, and arguably, an indispensible tool for the mobile professional.

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SPECIAL! Buy it Now for only $160 including Shipping to USA or Canada!

SPECIAL! Buy it Now for only $200 including Shipping to Europe, Australia, Japan!

*Poster will be shipped in a document mailing tube. Price of shipping includes shipping materials, handling, and regular airmail shipment. If a trackable method of shipping required please eMail for current shipping rates.

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