USB-001 Internal Fitting Connectivity Board

Bring your Newton into the 21st Century! (Info Guide)

The USB-001 is a custom manufactured, unique Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that eliminates the need for any type of serial cables, or adapters.

Tired of fumbling around with that "dongle"? Wondering why Apple Computer designed the interconnect port which serves to no purpose besides requireing that a Newton user purchase an adapter to use common serial devices?

To give Newton designers credit, the Interconnect Port can do much more than serial communication however much of these capabilities never had a chance to be utlized before the Newton was discontinued by Apple Inc.

This board is similar to the 'Dongle Destroyer' Internal Serial Board that was produced by NewtonSales in 2004 and functions to remove the need for any type of adaptors to connect your Newton 2000 or 2100 unit to a Mac or Windows computer through USB.

  • No more need for Interconnect Port Adaptor,
  • No more need for serial cables, and finally,
  • No more need for USB to serial adaptors.
  • With the purchase of this PCB that fits internally into the Newton 2000 or 2100 one will never be required to carry around a serial adapter, or any related serial cables ever again.

    Save Money by eliminating the need to purchase multiple cables, adapters, and converters to allow your Newton to dock to your PC & Mac. This board requires only a MiniUSB - USB cable (can be purchased for less then $1 including shipping on eBay)

    A quick and easy way move data to and from your Newton with with current USB based computers in mind.

    The board is literally plug and play, simple to install requiring only that one removes the rear housing on your Newton unit. The board outputs its connection next to the interconnect port in the space reserved for the internal serial modem.

  • Device installs to reroute the interconnect serial port. It does not add an additional port
  • The board requires a small package to be installed on the Newton before functioning which can be downloaded here and will interface with the built in DOCK application on your Newton.
  • A 2mb memory card can be added to your order for $10 which has this package preinstalled to easily install it on your Newton.
  • Professional installation of board is available at no cost*
  • Board fits inside the Newton 2000 or 2100 and requires only the removal of the rear messagepad housing
  • Although fully compatible with the speed boost implant, one cannot have the Newton Audio Headphone jack installed in combination with this board as they are located in the same area.
  • functions in tandem with the Speed Boost Implant˛
  • 200 day warranty starting from date of shipping.

    Purchase the board now below for $79.99


    Purchase with 2mb Memory Card $89.99
    Software to enable USB communication Preinstalled on the card

    Either purchase will add a $16 S&H (flat rate worldwide, includes online delivery confirmation)


    *Shipping and Handling (S&H) costs are the responsibility of the purchaser
    ˛Speed boost Implant must be switched off to facilitate serial communication.

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