Apple Newton Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery Refurbishing Service

Get the most out of your Newton 2000, 2100, eMate and increase the length of usage between recharges. Most battery packs on the market today were manufactured over 6 years ago and do deteriorate over time (hence expiry dates on batterys available at retail)

There are several advantages to refurbishing your Battery:

  • The original batteries have been removed and recelled with current technology, 2500mah batteries!
  • Requires no modifications from the user. Battery is plug and play.
  • This pack charges inside the newton just like any original battery pack.
  • This battery pack will be good for several years to come and unlike batteries manufactured in 1997 have no deterioration
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY included.
  • Ship us your battery to refurbish
  • These batterys are rated for approximately 1000 recharges

    Note: Newton 2000/2100/eMate Battery packs must be sent in to be recelled.

    Currently we have refurbish the packs for you:

    Recelled with 2500 mah* cells (over 2X longer life) $110:

    *refers to battery capacity in relation to batteries that were originally used in NiMH Battery packs. Apple originally used 1200 mah batteries in their battery packs
    ¹warranty begins on the date of return shipment

    Website prices do not include shipping fees. Shipping costs will be sent once location and order information is received and vary based on weight of order and ship-to location.

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