Newton Website Links

Here is a list of invaluable links that every Newton user should bookmark:

Newtontalk -a site devoted to to the Apple Newton. You are able to search the archived forums for solutiosn to almost any Newton related question or problem. Sign up and join the huge group of newton users worldwide.

NewtonPoetry -a newton blog updated regulary with newton related developments.

United Network of Newton Archives - GEM Enterprises (EBAY USERNAME: ILUVMYGTO) is illegally selling a CD-Rom of Newton shareware with software that is under GNU liscense. You can get all software he is selling plus thousands of other programs free of charge.
Please report anyone you see illegally selling free software to <>

Newton Phoenix -This website is dedicated to advancing the Apple Newton MessagePad platform through the sharing of ideas, advice, and opinions...including helpful software tips and hardware how-tos / modifications.

Newton Wiki -the history of the Newton.

Newton Research -Site Owner Simon Bell continues his work to keep the Newton Platform alive with contiuned software development. Dontate to his cause! His latest project NCX which is an upgrade to Newton Connection Utilities so you can run it native on OSX.

Kallisys -custom written newton software such as Einstein (a Newton emulator), as well as a program that helps Newton Users use ATA memory cards and drivers for WIFI Cards, battery counter, OS Fixes, and more.

Newton on Youtube -Learn about the Knowledge Navigator, watch the original Newton Getting Started video, All the Newton Commercials and much much more for your viewing pleasure.

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