Apple Newton 2000/2100
Internal Audio Headphone Jack

The coolest PDA on the market now has a headphone jack that you can use to listen to MP3's, audiobooks, voice notes, have the newton read your written notes to you and there is even an application that allows you to have the Newton read any installed eBook out to you automatically!

This "iNewt" with the fully guaranteed installation of an internal headphone jack gives you the power to listen to your MP3 collection while using your Newton to take notes, read eBooks, edit documents, organize daily tasks , or any other application while the MP3 player utility is running on your Newton. The processor on the Newton has the ability to concurrently run the music and productivity applications!

There are several advantages to an internal Audio Port on the Newton:

  • Listen to MP3's, Have the newton read your notes using MacInTalk, Read any eBook to you using Bookreader, or even read AudioBooks from the iTunes website!
  • Plug in your headphones and the sound is routed to both channels, unplug your headphones and once again the sound is routed to the internal speaker.
  • Compatible and functions in tandem with the Speed Boost Implant²
  • Upload MP3's, or eBooks using a PC or a MAC!, this upgrade is planform independent.
  • Send in your Newton 2000/2100 and upgrade the unit to include an audio headphone jack.*
  • Full 1 year warranty¹ on any upgrade or unit sold!

    Installation for $75 Plus Return Shipping!

    *Return shipping and handling is the responsibility of the purchaser
    ²Speed boost Implant must be switched off to facilitate serial communication.
    ¹warranty begins on the date of return shipping

    Website prices do not include shipping fees. Shipping costs will be sent once location and order information is received and vary based on weight of order and ship-to location.

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