Apple Newton eMate 300 Replacement Display Cable

An emate display cable (EDC) replacement to revive your eMate if you have the unfortunate luck of the hinge spring puncturing your display ribbon cable.
Up to now, if you were an eMate owner and did not take the initiative to take your eMate apart and install protection around the hinge that holds the display spring or lubricated the hinge you were inevitably going to experience damage to your display ribbon cable.
There have been some attempts to repair this punctured cable with fine soldering work to replace the leads on the cable but, this is not only time consuming but difficult and ineffective for severely damaged cables.

PRICE: $59.00 (incl S&H worldwide)

  • Lifetime warranty from manufacturers defect.
  • Enhanced puncture resistance in the area of the cable most likely to be damaged.
  • Manufactured to be completely identical to the original cable.
  • Purchase one as a backup.
  • Technical support via e-Mail included.
  • Installation available- Contact us for details

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