Apple Newton 2000 & 2100 USB Docking Station Proof of concept
(PC & Mac)

Universal Docking Solution! - Prototype Only

Apples Engineers were forward-thinking when they had the opportunity to develop the interconnect port. Just like the iPod, and iPhone Docking port, the Interconnect port on the Newton can perform many fucntions besides simply docking to a desktop computer.

On Steve Job's return to apple in 1997 he immediately cut anything that was not directly related to their core business and unfortunately this included the Newton Inc. team which were ironically part of the only money making division at Apple at the time.

Not for Sale, manufactured as a one off for testing purposes only

The interconnect port on the Apple Newton 2000, Apple Newton 2100 and eMate 300 unit have the ability to both input and output audio, power and charge the unit, connect via serial to your desktop, plus a new addition: the ability to connect via USB to your desktop computer using the same serial connectivity software originally developed by Apple: Newton Connection Utilities.

The board requires a small package to be installed on the Newton before functioning which can be downloaded here and will interface with the built in DOCK application on your Newton.

Benefits of using this docking station:

  • Charge and Power your Newton 2000 / 2100
  • Connect to your Desktop to upload and download files
  • Import or Export Audio
  • USB Connectivity removing the neeed to use Serial Ports or Adapters
  • High Speed Connectivity on both PC and MAC
  • The serial ports are still available in the event that you would like to use a Newton keyboard while in the dock.

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