Apple Newton 2000/2100
Newton 2000, 2100 & eMate 300 Replacement Backlight Service

Is the backlight visiblity on your Newton growing dimmer and dimmer to such an extent that the factory backlight is not providing you the illumination you require?
Finally a service where you have the opportunity to upgrade your backlight to not only the stock green, but blue and white as well!

Why replace your Newtons backlight?

  • The difference in the brightness of a green Newton backlight after a replacement is significant and many are surprised at the difference in replacing a backlight that has slowly and almost unnoticably faded over time.
  • Personalize your unit with a blue or white backlight. I especially recommend the blue backlight as a gentle light source that contrasts exceptionally well against the black text on the Newton display as its white and when off the black text is much more clear. The green tinge to the display is also removed after the green backlight is taken out of the unit.
  • Every replacement blue or white backlight is based on state of the art electroluminecent technology which has progressed significantly since the Newton 2100 was produced.
  • Compatible and functions in tandem with the Speed Boost Implant²
  • New blue and white backlights will be bright for hundreds of hours!
  • Full 1 year warranty¹ on any upgrade or unit sold!

    Newton 2000, 2100 & eMate Blue or White Backlight: $49

    Newton Model
    Installation Required?

    Original Green Backlight for Newton 2000/2100/eMate: $25

    Newton Model
    Installation Required?

    *Return shipping and handling is the responsibility of the purchaser
    ²Speed boost Implant must be switched off to facilitate serial communication.
    ¹warranty begins on the date of return shipping

    Website prices do not include shipping fees. Shipping costs will be sent once location and order information is received and vary based on weight of order and ship-to location.

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